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Ricardo Goncalves

I will keep this relativley short.
I made a commitment to get closer to god four years ago. later that year
i was doing mantras with lots of spirit saying "every breath that i take i
get closer and closer to god", well my inner voice said, "slow down your
already here, look around." It was magical!
I was constantly putting my self in my mind, with all the wealth i wanted.
Then my way showed up. "now that you see everything as energy, re-grow
your hair". That was it, I knew with all of my being that it was me that
caused my hair to fall out, so it is me(creater) that is going to bring it
back. All with thought. An effect of bring so much energy to my scalp was
a light show between the crown of my skull and the center of my brain. I
did get lost for a while and miscreated my life, forgetting it was me
incontrol, not something outside of me. I choose now to focus soley on my
message, regrow my hair. I see locks of thick hair growing and resting on
my shoulders.
This is a story that my hope is, will inspire people to dream of excactly
what hey want, put themselves there in their mind and know that the most
joyous way will manifest, perfect for them. I hope that this is a story i
can share with many many peolpe, as it is what i see, feel and know to do.
My calling, my purpose. Control my thoughts and i control my world. The
hair is returning, it is law that it must. Just like it was law that it
fell out, i focused on bald, so bald is what i got. Rico Goncalves

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