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Julie Isaac


Yes! Drops of water turn into cups, turn into gallons, turn into oceans.

And 5 minutes of writing turns into a paragraph, turns into 5 paragraphs, turns into 5 pages, turns into 50 pages, turns into a book.

So write for 5 minutes, and 5 minutes, and 5 minutes...

Write on, Julie

Julie Isaac


What a wonderful idea! Using writing, any writing, even answering emails to get the writing juices flowing. Then to simply ride the wave.

That's great!


I have had always wanted to write but always felt that most of the time I am busy with some assignment or the other. I always had small bits of time and thought that if I use this time t write where would I end up. But after reading your post, I have second thoughts - Droplets of water make oceans and so if I give it a try maybe I can be a writer too :)


I agree with you on this. I'm a late night writer --- that's when my mind works well with words. But often I think all day "tonight I'll write" and then when the time comes it's just not "there." What I've found often gets me started is responding to emails. If I write good responses to emails it gets me started and then I can move to that "blank screen" and pound something out. Funny how our minds work.

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